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Założenie Profilu i zasady korzystania z BiuraUser Registration

 To use our services each user has to register. For this is the form that is available at the portal. The process of registering a new client is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

Login - select its name, it can be eg. Name, nickname ....
E-mail address - ('ll be able to log it, is also used to correspondence between users). Your e-mail address must be real, otherwise you will not receive information to activate your account and you register.
Sex - here you select whether you are a man or a woman
Date of birth - enter the exact date because on the basis of the system will assign you to ads in the appropriate age group.
I accept the terms and conditions of use - you need to check that you are familiar with the Regulations. In the event of non-acceptance, you'll receive an error has occurred.

When you are finished, click in the ,,Register”.
After the end of registration you will receive information at the top of the page for further activities and e-mail confirmation of registration account. You need to confirm an account, by clicking the appropriate activation link. Then you will be redirected to the login page and logging in to form assumptions profile.


Set up the profile
  1. First step: validate displayed your email address and type in the appropriate fields your own password to login (before it was the default for single login). Remember this password will be required each time to log in to the site.
  2. Complete all profile fields in all departments  and enter descriptive text in sections.
  3. User gives its name: in the Name field, type your name (just one). System automatically gives the number of the offer. Entered in next field name is visible only to the administrator, it is not visible to users.
  4. In the field ,,about me”, describe yourself , describe your character and so on. The text should be descriptive, accurately and without spelling errors. This is important because part of the description will appear on your profile in the pages of offers. Similar criteria are use when filling in fields about requirements for a partner.
  5. In the filed ,,city” type the place of residence. If you live in a small town and do not want to disclose, enter the nearest major city (eg. District) in your region. City profile is visible only to registered users.
  6. Photos in profile: one image is set as the main and there are 3 additional in gallery. The main image must be visible and approximate face. Clear, good quality, preferably in JPG format. Photo gallery can be any of a visible face and an approximate silhouette in the foreground (without unnecessary landscapes and other people in the background).
  7. Save Profile after completing all profile fields and adding images (pictures).To do this, click in the field ,,save”. The profile is set up. Review your profile and, if necessary, you can improve - on the profile page use the reference ,,edit”. You will be able to delete your profile at any time during the membership.
  8. Redirect to the payment site.

Terms of use of the site and user permissions

To view the full profiles of other users, you must be a registered member. In addition, you need to pay a selected subscription. We allow free profile, but only for a limited period.


User rights

users who chose free membership.
- You will be visible to all users and will be able to receive messages from them by e-mail
- Lack of access to full data of other users
- No ability to send messages (E-mails) or to use other IM
- The opportunity to publish only main picture (without the possibility of posting additional 3 pictures in the gallery)


Users permissions – users who purchased subscription.

- Access to all profiles with full data
- The opportunity to publish additional 3 pictures in the gallery profile
- The ability to send an e-mails and to other users
- The possibility of presenting a user profile (in the section: recommended offers) on the home page and other pages of Serenada agency.

When the subscription ended and the user decides to not continue, the system will automatically moves to the option: free profile.

Using the website is very simple, you only need to carefully read the information in the appropriate fields. In case of  any problems we are available - please send information by ,,Contact”, or use the tips in the section: Technical Support.

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