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Ladies and Gentlemen, we present information to help with technical problems in the use of our Website. These are common problems - which is why we present them and we want to answer.

Registration and login

1. Proper registration. You must register in the box to enter your "Login" e-had, your date of birth, accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and press registration window. After successful registration you will be sent to your e-mail activation link. Account activation occurs after clicking on a link and move to the site Portal.

2. Login. The first login is automatically using the activation link. After logging in you will be taken to form the profile setting. Login and your e-mail is like when you register. Now you need to select your correct password (min. 6 characters), which will be logged each time (a) to the portal. You can always change (edit) your password on the new.

If you have trouble signing in, this means that it is incorrect login or password. Case-sensitive when logging. Also check if there is on Caps Lock.

If you have forgotten your password, you can always ask for new ones. Administrator does not know your password. In the login window you have the option to "Request new password". For your e-mail will receive a new password, you can log in. You will then be redirected to your profile, enter the new password and remember them. Now log on new password.


Mail and contacts with users

1. To communicate with users of the service is used your e-mail address that was provided during registration. It is invisible and anonymous to other users. You interact with another person using the form, which is the bar on the content of each profile. Click on the link "send me a message." You type a message and then click on the Send message window. You can select the option "Send a copy to me." The information on your mailbox is just a message from the user, eg. Maria 1788. Then the user will see your e-had to allow it to correspondence already directly with you a simple e-mail.

2. In their telephone conversation at the beginning you have to introduce such. I am a customer Bureau Serenade Adam, my No. 1750 and then move on to the topic of conversation. Giving the name and number of deals is important, because it can substantiate that you are a registered member of the Bureau.

The phone number is displayed to users from paid subscription, provided that you select in your profile permission to publish. In case of disagreement number it is visible only to you and the administrator.

3. The user of the status of "free" - sending information to other users. You can only receive messages from concerned his profile users with paid subscription. There is also access to selected other contact persons.

4. Blocking users. The Administrator may at any time block profile, due to non-compliance with the Regulations of the Office. Locked user will then receive a notification e-mail. Blocking the user is usually for a period of up to 2 weeks. An administrator can unlock the profile after receiving the relevant statements, that user will respect the Rules and procedures of the Office. The statement must be submitted in writing to the e-mal offices or by mail.

5. Delete the user account. It occurs when the user flagrantly violates the Terms of Office and are reported complaints about the rude behavior of the user during a call, and offensive and vulgar and inappropriate content in email correspondence. Deleting a user account is irreversible and its e-mail blocked. The user may at any time, without giving any reasons to give up the services of the Bureau. It should report it to remove the Administrator account.


Subscription and payment

1. We offer different subscriptions for users that determine the duration of membership and active use of the services of the Bureau. Select one subscription, and after the founding of the profile and make payments in a convenient form via the online payment system transfers 24 in his bank account transfer to the recipients or at the post office. Details of the present tab: Prices of services - payments. In any case, when making payments on the need to transfer or transmission give the number and name (eg. 1760 Barbara) as the assumed profile. It helps us to quickly activate the User Profile. Profile of paid subscription car- a "standard".

2. The problem of online payments. It occurs when your bank working time is limited to a fixed time and sending the transfer, eg. In the evening after its closure is impossible. Unfortunately, not all banks will transfer 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can check the schedule of access to bank on the website We recommend to wait and pay the appropriate times.

3. The security system of payment online. The security system meets the highest criteria and standards and financial security provided by the platform Przelewy24. If you carefully fill out all the fields in the recommended panel Implementation of the contract, payment will be made quickly and safely. Update your account may take up to two days, but is usually a few minutes. It depends on sending the payment system confirm the correct implementation.

4. Termination of subscription. If the user did not renew the subscription and ended the period of membership profile will be automatically transferred to the status of "free". The term free membership lasts for one month. Then the profile will be deleted. Administrator reserves the extension of the free profile for another month.

5. Extension of the subscription. User at any time during the membership can take out a new subscription for a further period. Date new membership period is counted from the date of expiry of the previous subscription.

6. The suspension of the duration of the subscription. There is no such option in the system. You can not suspend the duration of membership.

7. Removing your profile. During the membership, each user can delete a profile for any reason. To do this, please send mail to the administrator indicated in the contact tab from an email he had used in your profile, giving no offer and login. Administrator will send to your e-link had to disable the account. This is the type of collateral servant authorized person making the request to delete your account.

8. Promotions. The subscriptions use price promotions. When you subscribe for the 12 months (instead of 2 times 6 months after 30 Euro ÔÇô 60 Euro together) you save 10 Euro and pay 50 Euro. We recommend buying a subscription promotion for 12 months or for an indefinite period. See price list.


If you have a question and you do not know how to solve technical problems with the use of the Website email us at we will respond to your email as quickly.

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