The selection of a partner and safe services

Dobór partnera i bezpieczne usługiThe Matrimonial Agency Serenada presents the offers of registered users who have set up their profile and paid subscription. They are singles which decide to use our services and meet suitable partner for a permanent relationship.
The choice of a life partner is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. Reasons and criteria for selecting life partner are very various. They depend on our personal experiences, plans and aspirations. While browsing the offers  you should consider not only the appearance but also the character, education, social status and financial situation. Of course you should consider the offers near you first. Each user browse offers by oneself, finds the appropriate profiles and contacts with selected people. Quick and professional finding is provided by  advanced search feature.

The selection of a suitable partner

Serenada is a modern marriage agency. The selection of a partner will allow you to browse offers in different age groups and active verification of new profiles. Every day  new people sign up, singles from all regions of Poland and from other countries. Looking for a partner from abroad and want to live with him/her eg. in England, Germany or the Netherlands? Browse and select the  marriage offers from abroad. Get new contacts, send messages to selected people from abroad, plan meeting/trip or invite your partner to your country. Remember, that the meeting with the partner must be prepared logistically.
Plan a safe date in an appropriate, preferably a public place where are also other people  (eg. cafe, restaurant, movie theater, shopping mall, park, etc..). During the meeting,  avoid giving your surname, address, place of work, not praise also the  financial resources. Remember these principles.
We wish you a nice meetings with other Serenada agency users.

Checked matrimonial offers and safe use of the site

Our agency, unlike the typical dating sites, not only presents profiles of users, but is free from seekers who are looking only for sex and fun. All profiles are meticulously checked and verified manually.  Informations, profiles, photos and  messages to users that we find contrary to regulations will be immediately remove.
Our services can be used only from adults and people unmarried.  We reject the offers of a sponsorship or from a dating scammers.

Other site functions:
  • - anti-spam system - a tool for the detection of spam and unwanted e-mail
  • - Immediate reaction to the Administrator ÔÇô in case of harrasment or other unwanted behavior - write about it in an e-mail or contact us by phone
  • - Lock correspondence and user - profiles of people who violate rules or violating the rules of correspondence will be blocked or removed from service

We provide:
  1. Full anonymity,   visible is only the name of the user. We do not disclose to other users  your full name and e-mail address.
  2. We do not require an ID or exact address of residence.
  3. Contacts between partners, are held directly by the message sent from the portal to invisible e-mail. Those that do not have permanent access to the Internet or using it occasionally can post  phone number. It is visible only for users who log in and paid a subscription. Giving your phone number is optional.
  4. Adding your photos will increase the attractiveness of the offer, it will be more interesting for other users. Attached to the profile picture can be open or with a superimposed filter (not for people without a paid subscription). Those who agree to publish open photos for viewing have the privilege - administrator can post their profile in section: recommended offers. Other photos will be applied to the filter (blurry) and will be visible only to registered users upon payment of the subscription and login. Adding pictures is optional.

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